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     Welcome to the Wonderful World of Madame Alexander

This site was create because I was in search of a 1960's African American Leslie Bride Doll to replace one that had been given to me by my mother.

Needless to say, there was little to almost no information to be found on this doll and it looked like my search would continue to be fruitless.  I did find a Black Doll Forum but there did not seem like there was much interest in the Madame Alexander line.

Ebay became my primary source for my search and Voila!  One day, there she was!  I purchased the doll of my childhood and was well-pleased with my purchase.

However, after receiving my doll, my interest in the Madame Alexander Leslie and Cissy dolls still intriqued me and I felt there were other collectors who would also be interested in more information on a beloved collectible.

My website will be dedicated to vintage collectors and new, limited editions Madame Alexander dolls.

Please feel free to visit my forum, blogs, and members page.

Happy collecting!

Alex Signature Collection Styled by Jason Wu

'Going Platinum Paris' 16 inch Doll NEW! Limited Edition of 150 pcs.

Gorgeous! Jason Wu designed an inspired combination of skin tone and fabric to create an unforgettable modern classic look on this special doll with 17 points of fluid articulation. Our regal 16 inch newly-sculpted African-American Alex has a rich skin tone, soft brown eyes with attached lashes and frosted eyeshadow, and waist-length silky-straight black hair. A creamy white tulip long skirt is matched with sleeveless high-neck bodice and hook-and-eye closures up the back. A black satin belt, also with hook-and-eye rhinestone closure at back. Framing Alex's face is a dramatic ruffle of white pleated crepe, black pleated netting, and black organza bow. On her feet she wears open-side black crepe pumps with black platform sole and heel, metallic gold-braid ankle straps ,and gold leather binding at center back of heel. Accessories include white pearl drop earrings with metallic gold studs, two metallic gold chain and white pearl bead bracelets, and a dramatic clutch with applied fuchsia fabric flower petals.

Includes doll stand.


Style # 52070    

  • AGE: 14 YRS +
  • SIZE: 16.0 in